The carriage roads of Acadia National Park are perfect for spending a pleasant day bicycling.

Different Routes

Mount Desert Island, home to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, provides some of the most beautiful bicycling routes anywhere in the United States. From gently rolling terrain bordering the rugged coastline to hard-cranking mountain slopes, there's a route for every biking enthusiast.

Most people choose the island's lovely carriage roads, which are closed to all motorized traffic. Upset by a decision to allow automobiles onto the island in the early part of the 20th century, John D. Rockefeller Jr. set out to build a 45-mile-long series of roads on which all cars would be banned. The resulting roads took years to complete, and they have recently undergone a multi-million-dollar refurbishing. The hard-packed gravel surfaces are ideal for mountain biking, and at Acadia Bike we provide complimentary maps of the roads.

You can choose the gently sloping Eagle Lake or Jordan Pond trails; the rugged Around The Mountain loop, which will leave you gasping for breath; or any one of several others. Many people like to bike the famous Park Loop Road, a 21-mile-long paved section that includes several miles along Ocean Drive, where the crashing Atlantic meets the granite coast of Acadia. Because this road is heavily traveled by cars and recreational vehicles, we recommend that only experienced cyclists use it  -- and then only with caution.

Our bike shop professionals, all of whom are avid riders themselves, can also recommend other off-island routes for you. They're always happy to talk mountain biking with our customers.
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